Specialized Placement

Our clients consider using specialized staffing solutions (sometimes called secondments) when the level of work is advanced but the ability to make a direct hire is limited. Perhaps your organization is under a hiring freeze, or the work flow for a specific project is uncertain, or maybe you simply need to keep costs down. Bringing on specialized legal professionals on a temporary basis can be a time-efficient and cost-effective solution.

Legalpeople maintains an extensive database of seasoned attorneys and paralegals with a wide range of highly-specialized skills. Our recruiters will work closely with you to fully understand the qualifications, skill sets, and credentials that you are looking for. Further, we will get to know your organization’s culture, so that we can provide candidates who fit seamlessly into your existing team.

We treat specialized staffing similarly to direct-hire placement. Our goal is to provide each client with attorneys and paralegals that are extremely well-suited for the nature of the work and are also able to hit the ground running.

We encourage you to call us to ask us about the availability of appropriate candidates for your circumstances. We believe you will be pleased by the quality of candidates we have available and how a contractor with specific expertise can help you reduce the costs and risks of traditional hiring solutions.