Multiple Ongoing Projects


A large, international technology company was seeking multi-tiered solutions for a wide variety of staffing needs, including high-volume document reviews in commercial, IP, and employment litigation. Some projects would involve working in conjunction with computer-assisted review and predictive coding technologies, and each project would have unique document volumes, deadlines, and skill-set requirements.



We began working closely with in-house counsel as well as outside counsel to discuss the parameters of these initial projects. Our use of team leaders and our ability to house the teams in our document review center helped to create a smooth initial transition and quickly became the standard for future work. Since then, we have maintained a core group of lawyers that this client uses repeatedly for multiple reviews, while also adding special teams for side projects.



Each time a new project arises for this client, we conduct a strategy conference call with them, their outside counsel, and their data-hosting vendor, after which we are able to immediately put a detailed plan into action. Our expertise, paired with our prior knowledge of this client’s preferences, allows us to structure projects to successfully meet both their standardized and case-specific requirements.