LegalPartners’ Message of Solidarity and Action

Legalpeople, The Partners Group, and Engage stand in solidarity with our Black employees and clients, and our greater communities of color, as we mourn the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks, and countless others who have been victims of racist violence in this country, at the hands of fellow citizens and at the hands of police. We join the organizers, leaders, and participants of the protests that have filled streets across the United States and the world, where the collective voice of millions has cried, “Black Lives Matter.” Black Lives Matter.

As a business, as an employer, and as a collective of individuals, we know that we have a part to play in effecting real change, and not just saying a few words and moving on. Racism, racial injustice, and racist violence in this country are systemic. Therefore, the solutions must also be systemic.

Below are the first steps we will be taking in this initiative, and we fully expect them to lead to further action in the future. This is a starting place, not a finish line.

  1. We are establishing an Equity Committee at LegalPartners. This will be a group of internal team members who will continuously look at our processes, procedures, and messaging to help ensure that we are making choices that support our Black and Brown employees, contractors, and community. This committee will identify future action items and be an agent for change within LegalPartners.

  1. We are making donations to the following organizations:

Black Lives Matter
The Equal Justice Initiative

  1. We are having ongoing conversations with our teams across the country to openly talk about matters of race in our society and specifically in our workplace, and we will be incorporating the work of our Equity Committee in these discussions. Listening and learning is a big piece of this process, and this includes listening to community leaders and experts. We will continue to share resources with our employees, and we would like to share with you, as a starting place, this list of books that examine racism and racial injustice in our country:

These initial actions will, we hope, be a strong starting place for our organization. We are committed to working with you, our clients and candidates, to bring about real change in the LegalPartners community, in the greater legal community, and in society as a whole.