Managed Review

When you engage Legalpeople for Managed Review, one of Legalpeople's in-house Project Managers will be assigned to guide your matter from beginning to end.

Legalpeople Project Managers have managed hundreds of projects of varying complexity, with multiple workflows and teams of all sizes up to 200+ review attorneys. Our Project Managers have the industry experience to anticipate project issues, present workable solutions, and promote project defensibility. Using our Project Managers as part of your review team will help your review get done on time and on budget.

Legalpeople offers two levels of Project Management to our clients. eDiscovery Project Management (eDPM), which requires about 5-10 hours per week, and Review Team Management (RTM), which requires less time and is appropriate for staffing projects managed directly by our clients. The benefits of both are described below.

Project Management Function




eDiscovery Project Management


Review Team Management

Review Team Supervision: Monitor attendance, productivity and accuracy; provide feedback and redirection as needed


Attendance and Productivity

Encourage and support the highest performance of reviewers both individually and as a team

Project Communications: Coordinate communication among counsel/vendor and review team regarding training, review issues and questions (i.e., Q&A Log)



Ensure that all stakeholders, including the review team, are in sync regarding project training, feedback, and guidance

Project Metrics: Create daily metrics searches and reports; provide daily reporting for every review phase



Provide total project transparency through issue elevation, team statistics and progress metrics reporting

Project scope: Consult with counsel/vendor on review goals, protocol and timeline



Implement project goals, protocol, and timeline among all stakeholders

Project Database Set-Up: Consult with counsel/vendor about set-up, including batching, fields, choices, and coding layouts specifications



Efficiently translate the review protocol into the necessary database set-up to meet the project's requirements

Project Security: Consult with counsel/vendor on appropriate security permissions for various user groups (including the review team, QC team, and PMs)



Identify the precise database permissions necessary for each user group to maximize their contributions to the project and ensure project security

Project Database and Workflow Daily Management: Create priority and QC document views and searches; oversee active workflows



Increase the efficiency of current and future workflows by creating the appropriate quality control searches

QC Management: Consult with counsel/vendor to create QC workflows; create internal and counsel-requested QC searches and views; select and train leads for multi-functional teams; supervise QC workflows



Monitor and enforce accurate implementation of the project's most current protocol for a professional and complete work product

Pre-Production: Collaborate with counsel/vendor to complete pre-production QC



Manage pre-production QC vital to a clean, timely production

Redaction Workflows: Consult with counsel/vendor to create Redaction workflow; train team on use of redaction tools; supervise Redaction workflow



Ensure that all productions have been redacted of protected personal information and privileged communications

Privilege Log Workflows: Consult with counsel/vendor to create Privilege Log workflow; train and supervise team through creation of privilege log



Create defensible privilege logs, allowing counsel to focus on the final legal privilege analysis