Foreign Language Review

Legalpeople has assisted clients with foreign language reviews across the country and in many different languages, including Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Russian, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Turkish.

While foreign language reviews are similar to traditional English language reviews in some respects, these projects present special challenges when it comes to staffing, including ensuring language proficiency, enabling communication with and between the team members, and identifying appropriate project locations to ensure a supply of qualified reviewers. Our experienced recruiters have creatively staffed foreign language reviews in multiple cities with multiple tiers of attorneys, and we can provide team leaders and client liaisons with specialized language skills, depending on a project’s specific needs.

Our document review centers in Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Washington DC give us the ability to house your foreign language review ourselves, providing all of the technology and space you need to get your project done efficiently. We recognize that, like any project, foreign language reviews require a tailored approach, and our aim is to offer the finest customer service in the industry while finding the best solution for your foreign language review anywhere in the country.