Document Review Staffing

The review and production of documents is a critical part of the discovery process. At Legalpeople, we understand that while the costs of document review must be managed efficiently, at the same time the review must be conducted to the highest standard of quality. The stakes are high when our clients call us for our discovery teams, and our job is to provide a successful and cost-effective outcome.

The most important component of a successful document review is the quality of the review team. Legalpeople attracts and retains the very best attorneys in the industry. Our secret is in the way that we treat our talented attorneys. Good contract attorneys have choices, and we seek to be the agency of choice for the best talent in each market. We offer above market pay, attractive benefits, and on occasion, some excellent donuts, but more importantly, we treat our attorneys with respect for the skills they bring to our projects. Legalpeople is a company dedicated only to legal staffing, and as such, we understand the importance of the work our review teams perform, admire the talent and effort they bring to the job, and appreciate the difference a good team can make for our clients.

In addition, Legalpeople is technology and eDiscovery vendor agnostic. Our teams work with all eDiscovery vendors. We’re experts on the credentialing and security requirements of our clients’ chosen eDiscovery providers and have strong working relationships with the major players in the industry. Our reviewers are versed in a wide variety of eDiscovery tools and platforms.

Legalpeople has hundreds of experienced document review attorneys in each of our markets, and we can provide team leaders and project managers as needed. Our national footprint allows us to staff reviews anywhere in the country, including at one of our document review centers in Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, or Washington DC, providing all of the technology and space you need to get your review done efficiently.