Legalpeople is currently planning a new state-of-the-art Document Review and Project Center in downtown Chicago. We’ve been hard at work with designers, technicians, and contractors, putting together an ideal space to house multiple projects simultaneously, from large document reviews to foreign language reviews to smaller specialized projects. Those of you who have been to our current project center will notice many similarities between it and our new location. However, this new space is larger, more flexible, and will be a modern, vibrant, and comfortable place to work.

There are many moving parts when it comes to putting together a work space of this size, but here are a few key items that we have prioritized in the design and planning for our new Center:

1. Location, location, location. Selecting the location for a new project center might be the most critical decision of all. As with finding a place to live, it’s important to remember that you can do any number of things to the inside of a space, but you can’t pick it up and move it to a different site. It was important to us to once again find a location that is as close to the center of the Chicago Loop as possible, allowing our attorneys and paralegals to travel by CTA, commuter rail, or even car, while also giving a majority of our clients the ability to walk from their respective offices. The corner of LaSalle and Randolph fit the bill perfectly.

2. Flexibility. Once we found our location, it was time to determine how we would design the skeleton of the suite. What would the flow be throughout the workrooms? How could we best make people comfortable without compromising privacy? How could we design a space that could support ten individual projects just as easily as one or two large-scale reviews? The answer was to create as wide a variety of individual work rooms as possible. The Center will have two individual offices, three small work rooms, two medium work rooms, and three large rooms, plus a conference room, dedicated IT room, and a common kitchen. The rooms are clustered in such a way that a single project could easily occupy multiple rooms, as necessary.

3. Technology. The Project Center’s technology needs to be robust, secure, and just as flexible as the rest of the space. While we appreciate the convenience of wireless connectivity, we are creating a fully-wired space to maximize both speed and security. However, these networks need to be nimble have full redundancy in case of any outages. Therefore, we will have multiple circuits of multiple types feeding into the Project Center. We’ll have the ability to direct certain networks to certain workrooms and move them throughout the entire suite as needed. Similarly, we are planning to install a fully computerized and customizable electronic access system, giving team members as well as clients access to those rooms that are housing their projects.

While it’s still several months away from completion, Legalpeople’s new Chicago project center is already taking shape. We’re excited to begin hosting projects of all types and sizes there in early 2014.