We’ve all done it: sent out resumes in our quest to become gainfully employed. We’ve peppered the city with tens…dozens…even hundreds of resumes, often to be met with little or no constructive response. We constantly revamp and tweak that resume. We add and subtract bullet points, fix typos, and experiment with different formats in a desperate attempt to show why we are worthy of consideration beyond that piece of paper. But still, the replies are few and far in between.

So now what? Nick Corcodilos, career headhunter, says in all in this one sentence:

“The key to job hunting success is people — meeting them, talking with them, and getting them to recommend you to managers. It is a very active process.”

In this article, Nick takes us beyond the resume (which he views as “dumb, mute and defenseless”), and explains why job-hunting needs to be approached in a very personal, thoughtful, and dynamic manner. Great advice from a person who makes a career out of helping people find jobs! Definitely thought this one was worth sharing with our readers.