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Interview Dos and Don’ts

After sending out countless resumes, networking your way across the city, and calling on every law school alumnus in your coveted field of practice, you’ve finally done it – you’ve landed an interview. Congratulations! Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your face-time with a potential future employer.

DO arrive promptly … Read More ›

Great Article About Phone Interviews

I came across this article about nailing a phone interview and thought the greater Legalpeople community would find it informative:

Legalpeople Los Angeles!

I’m very excited about our outstanding new team in Los Angeles! It makes me happy to know that Legalpeople is the kind of company that continues to attract such great people who have been so successful in our industry.  Any company would welcome them, and I’m proud that they chose to make Legalpeople their … Read More ›

Legalpeople and TPG at the NALP Conference

We’re excited to be attending this year’s NALP Conference with our colleagues at The Partners Group! Recruiter Shannan Rahman talks all about it here:

Beyond the Resume

We’ve all done it: sent out resumes in our quest to become gainfully employed. We’ve peppered the city with tens…dozens…even hundreds of resumes, often to be met with little or no constructive response. We constantly revamp and tweak that resume. We add and subtract bullet points, fix typos, and experiment with different formats in a … Read More ›