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Legalpeople and TPG at the NALP Conference

We’re excited to be attending this year’s NALP Conference with our colleagues at The Partners Group! Recruiter Shannan Rahman talks all about it here:

TPG’s New Legal Project Center in Atlanta

Our friends at The Partner’s Group have just opened their brand new 3,000 square-foot Project Center in Atlanta.  Read all about the high-tech, project-ready space here:

You can also read more about Legalpeople’s Document Review Centers or check out my blog post from last year about our new Chicago … Read More ›

Cristina León Discusses Work-Life Balance

One of my colleagues from The Partners Group in Atlanta, Cristina León, is the President of the Georgia Association for Women Lawyers. She writes frequently for the organization, as well as for TPG’s blog, and I thought this piece was especially poignant for anyone who struggles with the challenges … Read More ›

On Branding

On January 1, 2013, I combined my company, Legalpeople, with another company that I admired greatly, The Partners Group. This merger was the culmination of nearly 15 months of phone calls, emails and meetings, discussing the pros and cons of bringing the companies together, or pursuing other opportunities, or just standing pat.

Completing the corporate formalities … Read More ›

Countdown to Launch

I’m writing this blog entry as I look at the very website you’re looking at right now, except it hasn’t gone live yet. We’ve been working with the wonderfully creative folks over at Orbit Media to re-imagine our online presence and redesign how our clients and candidates can learn about our company. It’s … Read More ›