Will artificial intelligence (AI) eventually replace attorneys? People in the legal profession have mixed feelings on the matter. When lawyers and legal industry experts were asked about the potential of AI in a Thomson Reuters survey, their responses were ambivalent:

  • 82% said generative AI can be used on legal work
  • 51% said generative AI should be used on legal work

The reasons for these differences in responses can range from perceived affordability challenges, complexity of delivery, or potential legal risks. Though some of the industry’s anxieties might be overblown, there are clear limitations for what AI should and should not be allowed to do.

At Legalpeople, we’re dedicated to untangling the obstacles that threaten businesses, and few things are as complicated as artificial intelligence. That’s why we put together an eBook, “AI Contract Review Has Its Limits: Learn How to Maximize Your ROI,” to clarify the limitations and possibilities of this game-changing technology. Download our content and you’ll learn:

  • The current capabilities and shortcomings of AI
  • The way to balance technology and legal talent
  • The AI-powered methods we used to enhance a client’s insights

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