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CLM Integration and Legacy Contracts

When you set out to adopt a new contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform, the goal is to streamline workflows, automate processes, and house your contract data under one umbrella. However, oversights during the implementation, data migration, or integration phases can diminish the efficiency and insights originally promised by the CLM. These failures are well-documented – … Read More ›

AI Contract Review Has Its Limits

Will artificial intelligence (AI) eventually replace attorneys? People in the legal profession have mixed feelings on the matter. When lawyers and legal industry experts were asked about the potential of AI in a Thomson Reuters survey, their responses were ambivalent:

82% said generative AI can be used on legal work
51% said generative AI should be used … Read More ›

COVID-19: One Year In

COVID-19 – One Year In, Now What?

Spring has sprung, and we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has accelerated widespread changes in the overall legal market. In terms of Legalpeople’s core business – providing document review teams and specialized/substantive support to law firms and corporations on a contract … Read More ›

South Asian Bar Association of New York

I am happy and honored to announce that I have been elected VP of Public Interest for the South Asian Bar Association of New York (SABANY). Founded in 1996, SABANY is an organization of South Asian attorneys practicing in the New York City metropolitan region and comprised of a diverse membership from … Read More ›

In the Moment and Fired Up!

As 2016 was nearing its end, and 2017 was on the horizon, I thought about what I wanted the New Year to look like, and took a few moments to put my goals to paper. Of note, I wanted be more present and in the moment, and I wanted to be more fearless in … Read More ›