Foreign Language Review

Bicoastal, Bilingual Patent Case


An international pharmaceutical company had a large number of technical documents to be reviewed for production in a patent infringement case. The documents were in both English and Japanese, and our client was struggling to find licensed Japanese-speaking attorneys, especially those with a background in patents or technical matters.



Legalpeople offered a bicoastal, hybrid solution for staffing this review. In New York City, where outside counsel was located, we provided Japanese-speaking attorneys to work in close cooperation with two English-speaking patent attorneys for a collective review of the documents. When expansion was needed, we provided additional Japanese-speaking attorneys and one patent attorney in Palo Alto, where outside counsel had a branch office.



Our client received the combination of technical expertise and language proficiency required to successfully and efficiently review the documents. We were able to expand the team, when necessary, and the entire project was completed in about three months.