Law Firm eDiscovery Unit Staffing

Legalpeople is particularly well-suited to providing staffing for law firm internal eDiscovery centers.

We provide purely staffing services, not an end-to-end eDiscovery solution (inclusive of technology) like many of our competitors. It has never made sense to us to combine staffing and technology.  First, there is no correlation between expertise in staffing and expertise in the technology of document collection, filtering, and hosting. These are apple and orange skill sets. Second, there is no efficiency gained for our clients in having one sole provider for eDiscovery. The process of reviewing documents is done either via a web-based platform or hosted on servers accessed directly. In either case there is no inherent advantage to using a review team provided by a technology company--what matters is the quality of the reviewers and the level of service from the staffing company.  Legalpeople provides the best reviewers and the highest quality customer service in the industry.

Legalpeople believes that document review is best managed by the law firm handling the matter and the lawyers who will be basing strategic decisions on the information reviewed. We want to work with law firms, not compete against them, in the eDiscovery process. We respect our law firm clients too much to offer a package of services that could be perceived as attempting to usurp the law firm’s role in the eDiscovery process.

Because of our strong belief in the importance of the law firm presence in the ediscovery process, and our focus solely on legal staffing, Legalpeople is a perfect choice for law firms staffing their ediscovery centers.